Technical Education

In order to assist residents of the communities that are beyond high school age and those high school students who do not attend university, Creciendo Juntos has built a training center with four classrooms. Through a partnership with the National Training Institute over the past eleven years, employment training has been provided in subject areas such as English, accounting, computer science, management, office management, business planning, customer service, front desk, occupational health, first aid, food and beverage management, leather crafts, sewing, textile mechanics, mechanical flat overlock machines, cosmetology, massage, hydroponics, organic farming and compost production, solid waste management, tour guidance, sport fishing and marine engineering.

​In the last two years 547 people have studied and acquired skills in the training center, which has allowed them to take advantage of the additional job opportunities offered in the area as a result of the tourism and real estate and commercial development.

“It has been essential to have your support to meet the training needs in the communities. We are committed to continue working together and keep improving.” 
Olivier Duarte, Regional Director INA Chorotega
“I recommend these courses … they have helped me in personal and working terms. After taking the courses, it has been easier for me to get a job. ” 
Joel Gutierrez Sardinal, Neighbor-Computer Operator