Over the last twenty years, Creciendo Juntos has benefited thousands of students and adults, including senior citizens. The efforts of Creciendo Juntos have been directed toward nineteen communities with a total population of approximately 25,000 people in Guanacaste.

Communities include:

El Coco
El Roble

El Tablazo
El Triunfo
La Cascada (Monte Galán)

La Libertad


Nuevo Colón
Playa Hermosa
Playa Panamá

Paso Tempisque
San Blas
Santa Rita



Descriptions of the specific programs developed and funded by Creciendo Juntos are provided below.

Formal Education

Creciendo Juntos support formal education programs in eighteen elementary schools and three high schools. This includes ongoing teacher training, improvement of physical facilities and education for students and parents about the need for formal education.

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Technical Education

In order to assist residents of the communities that are beyond high school age and those high school students who do not attend university, Creciendo Juntos has built a training center with four classrooms. Through a partnership with the National Training Institute (INA) over the past seventeen years, a wide range of employment training has been provided for these residents.

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As the Formal Education Program developed, it became evident that performance in education and health are closely linked. In partnership with the Costa Rican Department of Social Security (CCSS) we opened a first clinic in March 2011 and a second one on July 2021, in Costa Rica’s northwest Guanacaste region.

Providing healthcare to rural communities has been a longstanding challenge for the Costa Rican government. Poor infrastructure and lack of funds has limited access to medical care for thousands of Costa Ricans living in isolated neighborhoods. As a result, many people go years without consulting a doctor and fall ill with diseases that could be prevented if they had received prior care. Few kids ever see a doctor for a simple checkup or for a minor illness, preferring to wait until their condition either improves or becomes weak.

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Volunteering and Donations

Creciendo Juntos invites guests, visitors, and residents to be part of an experience that generates added value to their stay.

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