Since 2001 Creciendo Juntos has worked with 18 elementary schools and 3 high schools, with a total of 300 teachers and 5,600 students. Creciendo Juntos works to (i) provide ongoing teacher training, (ii) improve physical facilities, and (iii) educate students and parents about the need of education.

In numbers, as an NGO since 2013:

22,367 Students have participated in activities, conferences and workshops
765 Parents have participated and shared in conferences
3,131 Teachers have participated in activities, conferences, and workshops

Topics addressed with students, parents and teachers include: values & principles, bullying, reading, saving for your future, preventing the use and abuse of alcohol, mathematics and cerebral gymnastics, emotions management, leadership, solar energy, training to boards of education, self-esteem, adequate management of water resources, forest fire prevention, among many others.

Creciendo Juntos provided free school transportation to students living in remote communities. For thirteen years, this service was offer to an average of 56 students per year, enabling youngsters from remote communities to get to school. In 2008 a resident of El Triunfo community, became the first from El Triunfo to graduate from high school. This is one of many examples in which Creciendo Juntos enables communities in Guanacaste to access a formal education.

Creciendo Juntos also coordinates training programs on critical issues for children and adolescents, such as road safety, drug prevention, prevention of children’s sexual exploitation, and environmental education among others.

“With the programs and donations, my parents are being helped by not having to buy books or backpacks and we are able to improve our knowledge in order to be a better person and student.”
Luis Gerardo Villagra, fourth grade student from Escuela El Coco

“Through this partnership I have been able to grow as a professional and, most importantly, I have implemented the tools they gave me. My students work with creativity, develop logical reasoning and become better people for a community, benefiting our country.”
Geovany Garcia Bustos, professor Escuela El Coco

[The recognition for excellence from Amcham and Aliarse for the public- private partnership of “Creciendo Juntos” and MEP] … is the product of hard work, dedication and commitment of the program to the education of our country.”
Yoselyn Sanchez, Ministry of Public Education